Our History

The original store was built around the turn of the century when agriculture in Grassy Creek was at its height. Throughout its history, it served as a doctor’s office and post office as well as a general store. 

In recent memory, it was owned by the Sturgill family, who eventually moved their store to the A-frame brick building on the corner of Grassy Creek Road and Old Hwy 16.  Affectionately called "The Station", Brad Sturgill operated the brick gas station store until ca 1990 when it was purchased by the Chefas Family and turned into the main office for Hart-T-Tree Farms. 

In 2020, the Chefas family decided to renovate the old building and re-open it as a general store and small event venue.  It is our goal to tell the story of Grassy Creek and to let the store once again serve as a gathering place - not only for the residents of Grassy Creek and the surrounding area, but also for anyone who passes through our small, but beautiful corner of Ashe County.


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Our Decor

A fun fact about our decor

Most of the artifacts found in the Old Store are from the original store - or at least original to the store in the 1950s-1960s.